Seasonal creations, or read differently, what 17, 29, and 42-Across might be in a crossword [11]

It should go without saying, but spoilers ahead; if you haven’t yet solved Steve Mossberg’s “Starting Over,” consider doing that first.

The best themes are ones that you don’t see coming–which is funny, given that the answer here is something that you can’t make without fully planning for it. There’s a lot of other stuff to like in Mossberg’s grid, like the playful “Big yapper in a small package” [6] for TOYDOG and “Chance to put on a new hat” [10] for CAREERMOVE or even the hip new way of cluing PANINI, thanks to Lil Nas X. But the star of this puzzle is the way in which themers MUSICALNOTE, CONCERNING, and HEAVYMETAL are linked by the holiday-appropriate answer, reparsed here for your pleasure: RE-SOLUTIONS.

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