If you don’t have one, consult a doctor immediately [5]

I’ll call this one the impossible clue: clearly a person without a PULSE wouldn’t be able to consult a doctor, as they’d be dead (and if they weren’t, they might actually not want to consult a doctor, given how we treat zombies ’round here). And yet, the clue’s quite fair (maybe you considered LIVER, HEART, or BRAIN first), and funny, too!

  • Patrick Blindauer, Patrick’s Puzzles, 4/24/17

Part of a practical joke [4]

I like the way this one nonchalantly misleads the reader; we’re not talking about one of the lines from a joke, or even the act of, saying throwing TP. We’re talking about literally being part of the joke, about being IN ON it.

  • Patrick Blindauer, Patrick’s Puzzles, 4/17/17

Charmingly old-fashioned [6]

The clue itself echoes the answer perfectly–“old-fashioned” alone can’t describe the word we’re looking for. No, we need to do this “charmingly,” and that leads us to a word that practically drips with onomatopoetic cuteness: QUAINT.

  • Patrick Blindauer, Patrick’s Puzzles, 3/27/17